I was introduced to take Immunocal® by a friend in 2013 after I told her my daughter got sick very often because she is in childcare. I was given a stack of notes to read on Immunocal® & Glutathione, and after which, I decided to try it on my Mum because I needed her to be healthy as she was looking after my daughter then for me. After 3 months, my mum told me that she felt very good taking Immunocal. She used to have dry skin and felt tired easily. However after continuously taking Immunocal® for 3 months, she felt healthier.

With her testimonial, I decided to try it on myself and I started around April after my 1st trimester of pregnancy. The reason why I started taking Immunocal® during my pregnancy was because I felt it would be very tiring for me to work, look after my daughter and have a baby at the same time. I was hoping Immunocal® could help me build up my immunity. And it definitely did. Around June in the same year, my daughter was infected by hand foot & mouth disease. I was six months pregnant then. According to my gynae, it will be very dangerous for my baby if I became infected too. Hence, I took three pouches(normally 2 pouches) of Immunocal® EVERY day and indeed, it did help. Both my mum and I were not infected by the disease whereas my husband and brother were infected.

My baby was born when he was 38 weeks. He was born underweight and was a relatively small baby. My husband and I were very worried about his immune system and growth. Hence, I consulted my gynae if I can continue taking Immunocal® while I am breastfeeding. She told me Immunocal® is perfect and will help both mother and child. Hence, I continued taking even during my confinement period and all the way throughout the six months journey when I was breastfeeding my baby. My baby grew very well and was growing at above 80 percentile.

Personally, my husband and I are both very happy with the results of Immunocal® because we found our baby boy very much stronger in terms of health versus our daughter. He usually recover from sickness very fast as opposed to my daughter who did not take Immunocal® and he is a healthy big baby now.

Tham W.L,
Senior Marketing Manager