Multiple Sclerosis

“I don’t know how to start a letter of such importance other than to just get started trying to tell you how much you have changed not only my life but that of my whole family.

I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 20 years ago. I have relapsing remitting form of MS I have gone for full gambit of symptoms over the years. Everything from numbness to paralysis, blurred vision to blindness and pain. I’m sure you can imagine how many drugs and therapies. I have never experience a Christmas season without my yearly stay in hospital undergoing some form of IV therapy. This is my first year without visiting my local hospital.

Approximately nine months ago after a month and a half in hospital I was introduced Immunocal® by a good friend, Sandra McCrindle. She sat in my kitchen with another Immunocal® distributor spouting all the praises of Immunocal® to my husband. I wouldn’t come out to listen. I had heard it all before. All I wanted to know is when I could take my next Morphine pill. The two dear friends persisted and my husband bought our first box of Immunocal®.

After much persuasion from my husband, I drank the drink he had mixed for me not expecting anything from it. After two months on the product I had to admit that I was feeling better. Only after our daughter came home from Ottawa and was amazed in the difference she saw she had last seen me in hospital, did I really start to believe it. I was so stubborn even when I was up walking in my walker.

I am now after ten months on the product not taking anything for pain or any other MS medication. I don’t use anything for walking in the house, and only use a cane outside for uneven ground.

My mother also has had MS for over 30 years. She is also having phenomenal results on Immunocal®. She has been on the product for over three months now and our family could not believe the change in either of us at Christmas. Her speech and overall strength has dramatically improved. She is also free from bladder infections since on Immunocal®. Although she is full time in a wheelchair her overall quality of life has improved. Her transfers are stronger, and she even stood up for the family at Christmas with little assistance.

My husband, after watching me improve so dramatically wanted to try the product also. He has Wegnergranulomatosis and was going through a difficult time with side effects to chemo drugs like cyclophospamide and other drugs. The Immunocal® has improved his strength and he no longer has the nausea from side effects of the drugs he must continue to take.

Our family is now a four box a month user. Even our dog Burt couldn’t be left out; so he is on X’tralife.

My children and husband have their wife and mother back because of your research and talent in bringing this wonderful product to everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Our whole family is on Immunocal® and feeling the benefits.”

Kathy Chartwood