Eczema and Psoriasis

“I have suffered from psoriasis for nearly 10 years, and when I say suffering, I’m not exaggerating! My dermatologist said that mine was a severe case. I would say that’s an understatement. It was not unusual for my whole body to be covered with itchy scaly eruptions (my scalp and legs particularly, bleeding or covered with bloody scabs). Unfortunately, my dermatologist could not do very much to help me. The only thing that seemed to help me partially, and then only temporarily, was for me to take a plane trip to Mexico every 2 months, an expensive and disruptive form of treatment, and who knows what more serious damage I was inflicting myself with this overdosing on ultra-violet rays. My dermatologist had explained to me that psoriasis was a condition, which involved the immune system, so I felt that Immunocal® offered at least a potential for helping me. I was not ready for what happened next. After only 4 days of using Immunocal® the improvement was both visible and dramatic, I would say about a 75% improvement and no more bloody patches and scabs. Thank God for Immunocal® and Dr. Bounous!”

Roman Motyka
Montreal, Canada

“Our 6 year old boy, Eric has had weeping eczema all his life. We have taken him to different doctors throughout Alberta and tried many different skin creams on him. The winter is the worst time of the year for Eric because of the low humidity, and this is when his eczema would crack and bleed the most. We started giving Eric one level teaspoon of Immunocal® mixed in milk everyday. Four days later his eczema was 98% gone. There is just a little bit of cracking that show upon the bottom of his feet. We started him on the product mid December 1996 and I’m writing to you in February 1997. Needless to say my wife and I are very pleased with the results Eric has gotten from this product, Immunocal®.”

Carl Walper

“My father is 80 years old and he started to have terrible itch throughout his body late last year. I brought him to GPs and 3 skin specialists and he was diagnosed with a mixture of Eczema and Psoriasis. His skin became thinner and the itch persisted together with scaly peels despite trying all kinds of creams prescribed by the GPs and specialists. It was not until I brought him to a traditional chinese medicine specialist who recommended my father to take Immunocal®.

We were quite skeptical in the beginning as we have tried so many treatments but failed. However, we went on to try Immunocal® as we have exhausted all ways to help my father’s condition. My father started taking 2 sachets of Immunocal®, one in the morning and one in the evening. To our surprise, the itch stopped completely after taking 1 week of Immunocal®. Within 2 weeks, the redness stopped completely and there were no more scabs. After one month, my father’s skin ‘thickened’ and the eczema and psoriasis disappeared. He has completely recovered since. My father has been taking Immunocal® for 6 months now and we realized that Immunocal® also helped control his weight as he is a little overweight. He is feeling better and stronger since he started taking Immunocal®.

I am so impressed with my father’s recovery that I started taking Immunocal® myself!!”

Tan Thian Soo
June 2004, Singapore