“I started taking Immunocal® on March 8th, 1997 so that I could build up my immune system. After being on the product for 30 days, I noticed that I hadn’t had a migraine, something that I usually get every 2 to 3 days. Nothing that I’ve ever tried has ever taken the pain away from a migraine, but now I no longer get migraines.”

Alice Jerr
April 11th, 1997

“I have been suffering from migraine for a very long time. I have to avoid long shampooing when I go to the saloon for a hair cut as even doing so will trigger a migraine attack. Needless to say, very little stress or lack of sleep will bring on the migraine attacks. I have long tried everything I can, even resorting to Chinese medicine but nothing last until I was introduced Immunocal® by my sister-in-law. At first I was very skeptical as I have been promised by so many products but always disappointment. Anyway I tried since it is given to me and I do not want to waste but most importantly, I will try anything that may help relieve my suffering. When I first started to take Immunocal®, I felt an improvement in my energy level and I felt good because I am always feeling tired as being a housewife, I have to take care of the house as well as looking after my 4 children. Plus my husband is always on business trips, I have to run every errand in the family. I also noticed that I have not have any migraine attacks as I used to have it at least once a week. It is already 3 months since I first started taking it and I am totally surprised by how Immunocal® has changed my life. I will continue to take Immunocal® and I have been introducing it to all my friends!”

Lim G. L.