“My father is 86 years old. He was told about Immunocal® and started taking one pouch a day for about six months. On his annual medical check up 4 years ago, he discovered he had colon cancer. It was in the early stage and it did not spread. After the operation, he was advised by his doctor to continue taking Immunocal® in order to restore his energy as well as to prevent his cancer from coming back again. He has been taking two pouches a day since and hardly gets sick. At this age, he is still able to swim everyday for about 30 minutes. His annual medical check up has since been normal. He is indeed very thankful to Immunocal® and he asked me to share his good experience with Immunocal® so that other old and cancer patients will not give up hope so easily. Thank you.”

Y S Foo

“December 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, I was operated on December 24th. January 6th, I was given the pathologists’s report and I would need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My first chemo was on January 24th and I was to do 12 sessions. The doctors told me that I could have different reactions to the chemotherapy like vomiting, nausea, hair loss, sores in my mouth, etc. To counteract I was to do 24 sessions of radiotherapy simultaneously.

If there were any complications I’d have antibiotics prescribed. After checking me out and prescribing the antibiotics, Dr. Dowell introduced me to Immunocal®. He explained that it would help my immune system and being a pro-anything natural, I became interested in this food supplement. Two days after my 10th chemo session I began taking Immunocal®. Incredibly, I had already noticed a change in my system. I was especially interested in Immunocal® for its detoxification process since it would help my body eliminate the drugs. I had more energy than I have had in a long time and my body recovered from chemo much quicker without any side effects! This is definitely due to Immunocal®.

I continue to take Immunocal® faithfully and continue to build up my strength and hope to be back to normal in a few months. Immunocal® has given me a better quality of life…..”

Mary Levers

“To date, all my friends who have been taking Immunocal® from day one are religiously sticking to this product. During the time when this product was not available, some friends brought in personally from US. Some of the friends have recommended to their wives.

Most recent addition to the Immunocal® family is Jack Ng. He avoided taking this product in favor of lingzhi. This friend of ours Lee Kok Wah had Hepatitis B. He had an operation a few years ago. When Immunocal® was introduced into this market, we urged him to try the product in order to boost his immune system. He is now in good shape with a good colour. Noting this change, Jack Ng decided to try Immunocal® for his wife and for himself a few weeks ago. His wife had a tumor removed from the brain and was very weak after surgery. Upon recommendation from my friends he decided to believe in the testimonies of his friends ie. to build up the immune system.

The other is my brother-in-law. He was cured from a rare cancer of the blood. And the hospital (General Hospital) recommended Immunocal® to build up his immune system. He was stubborn in not taking this product earlier. Until something drastic happens.

Keep up the good work.”

March 2007, Singapore

“It all began on 2nd July when my cousin, Robert Phun, brought me to the UNH Paya Lebar office. He convinced me the Immunocal® way and after taking it for about 3 months, I felt like a new 75- year-old man.

He told me about his wife who suffered from cancer for years and took Immunocal® for about four months and he noticed the change in her outlook. She was most energetic and full of vitality and would walk at a faster pace and would shop or window-shop every afternoon from 2:00 to about 6:00 pm.

Then it was my sister who is a chronic asthmatic and who was again full of energy and vitality after taking Immunocal® for about a couple of months.

At the middle of September, my wife, my daughter and her son were down with flu. It seemed at that time flu would take over the family with one exception – me. I was taking Immunocal® (a packet a day) since July and was the only one free from this flu attack. My grandson was down with a bad cough as well, and he took Immunocal® (a packet a day) and within a week, he was cleared of this flu and his nasty cough. So my daughter also took Immunocal® and found that it really worked for she was free from flu a week after. That convinced my wife who suffered from asthma since childhood in taking Immunocal®. To date, she had no asthma attacks.

I am keeping a record of this venture, though small in size for a research. It would help me convince others and live up to the UNH lectures by Mr. Fung and Evelyn who advised those who attending the sessions that U really need Health because WEALTH is nothing compared with good HEALTH.”

Dr. Low Wing Kee