Elite Athletes on Immunocal®

“Although my winter training season lacks the intensity of the summer, long aerobic workouts still tax the body usually leaving me fatigued and prone to illness. Contrary to my expectations, my health was quite good and for the first time I survived a winter without sickness. I feel that the addition of Immunocal® to my diet played a large role in my improved health.”

Henry Hering

“Already 4 months on Immunocal® and I am still beside myself! An athlete who trains 30 hours a week can usually expect (based on the ones I know), to fall ill with the flu or the common cold at least three times during the year. Personally, this amount of illness would and has been a great handicap to my training; cumulatively, I missed weeks of preparation, feeling run down and apathetic. In the last 4 months I have not had a bad week, bad day, or workout! I am like a rechargeable battery that takes its “Immunocal®“, plugs itself in for the evening and wakes up fresh as a daisy. I’m not saying that Immunocal® is some wonder elixir, but rather a supplement that contains an extremely potent antioxidant that we as humans have depleted in our bodies with the exposure to pollutants and harmful elements. Combined with my diet and my healthy lifestyle, Immunocal® has taken me to a state of near perfect immunity. I recently raced in the 13th annual Moorea International Triathlon (Tahiti).

I am extremely delighted to inform you that I won the race over Frank Clarke of Canada and Wes Hobson of U.S. I extended a 23-second lead from the swim, to 4 minutes on the bike then jogged to an easy victory. It was extremely hot and humid but I rally very strongly throughout.”

Andrew MacMartin
April 14th, 1997