Bad Dysentery

“I was born with the fact that drinking water straight from the tap (not boiled) would make me very sick even with the government’s assurance that drinking straight from the tap is safe. I would get very bad dysentery with cramps and intense diarrhea and on very bad occasion it could even resulted in vomiting and fainting.

Normally I would bring my own drinking water to work. Alas, my fear of running out of my own drinking water has happened. I was debating seriously to drink or not to drink. Finally, out of desperation I drank the tap water.

By evening, there were a lot of reactions going on in my abdomen judging from the bloatedness and the rumbles. Eventually I only have to answer nature’s call of loose bowel twice without any abdominal cramp or vomiting. I believed Immunocal® has spared me from the pain and suffering which I would normally have to go through.

I remember watching a health program on Discovery Channel when a scientist took a test tube filled with antioxidant, namely vitamins A, C, E and Selenium and poured it into a test tube that is filled with free radicals. Effervescence took place and the residue in just water.

The bloatedness and rumbling of my abdomen must be the reaction that took place when my body is trying to detoxify the impurities out of my systems. It pays to strengthen our T-cells, as you never know when you need them in case of emergency. High Glutathione levels help to guard and defend our system at all time. I really can’t afford to skip Immunocal®.”

Ms Sea Sick Band