Since the protein in Immunocal® is extracted from milk, can I just drink ordinary milk and get the same benefits?

July 29,2021

No. Ordinary milk is manufactured by standard high-heat pasteurization. This will completely destroy the specific heat sensitive proteins that are needed in the raising of intra-cellular GSH and will not achieve the AID effects (AID). That is why Immunocal® took so many years to perfect. The importance in preserving the proteins’ bioactivity lies in the patented process by means of low-heat pasteurization and micro-filtration. No other product has the proprietary to this unique manufacturing process which results in our unique ‘Method of Use’ patents which ensures that no other milk products can state “proven to stimulate the immune system” and “significantly raises Glutathione levels”.

In addition, one pouch of Immunocal® takes 20 glasses of fresh cow’s milk to process. If you drink 20 glasses of fresh cow’s milk, not only will you experience flatulence and consume all the fats and lactose in the milk, it will have absolutely no influence on your GSH level to achieve the AID functions ie. Antioxidant, Immune Enhancement and Detoxification!