What are the credibility of Immunocal®?

July 26,2021

Immunocal® is manufactured by Canadian public listed company Immunotec Inc.. It took over US$10 million and 18 years of research to perfect Immunocal®. The secret of this unique bio-active whey protein isolate lies in the patented manufacturing process to retain the cystine molecules in their most natural and active form in proportion similar to human milk. That is why Immunocal® is also known as Humanized Milk Serum Protein Isolate. This is important to ensure a raise in blood Glutathione levels to achieve immunity enhancing, antioxidant and detoxification functions.

Immunocal® is clinically proven to increase serum and tissue GSH levels and is validated by extensive researches which include numerous published scientific studies and peer-reviewed articles which appear in the National Library of Medicine. It is classified as Nutraceutical in the US, ie. a natural product with pharmaceutical validity and indication. It is listed in the US Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) and Pharmacists’ Red Book for many consecutive years. It qualifies for the coverage by US Medicare / Medicaid under stringent conditions. Immunocal® is also listed in the Canadian Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (CPS) with a NPN to be officially recognized for the claim “Immunocal® is effective in maintaining the immune system”. Immunocal® is also endorsed by world class scientists such as Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 for discovering the HIV/ Aids virus. It has 75 patents in 29 countries. The power of the patents is not in manufacturing but METHOD OF USE whereby the product must produce scientific proofs on what it claimed it is useful for. This means that no other whey protein can state “proven to stimulate the immune system” and “significantly raises Glutathione levels”. It is not easy or common for a nutritional supplement to get approval for such patents. Immunocal® was granted a “Method of Use” patent in Singapore in 1999 and has been widely used by the specialist doctors and GPs here for many years.