What is the difference between Immunocal® and other whey proteins?

July 26,2021

The cystine in Immunocal® is thermo-labile and heat sensitive. Normal whey proteins, like ordinary milk, are manufactured by standard high-temperature pasteurization, which destroys or denatures the natural bioactivity of the whey protein, making it just an ordinary source of protein without immuno-enhancing, antioxidative and detoxification properties Immunocal® has. The protein in Immunocal® is processed by patented micro-filtration to remove bacteria and low-temperature purification procedures to ensure intact, safety and purity of the bioactivity of the proteins.

Immunocal® is extracted exclusively from milk produced without antibiotics or steroids, is casein free and contains less than 1% fat and lactose and hence, is safe even for individuals who are lactose intolerant. There are no scientific studies on other whey proteins to show the same immune stimulating effects that are seen with Immunocal®. Immunocal® is the result of 18 years of rigorous clinical research that has been published in peer reviewed medical journals. These studies, performed in world renowned medical and scientific institutions, confirmed the effectiveness of Immunocal® in raising the GSH level in the body that no other whey proteins have ever shown.