Where can the highest level of Glutathione be found?

July 29,2021

Glutathione (GSH) is present in every cell of your body. We are born with this important tripeptide to protect us from daily bombardments of both internal and external origins.

The highest level of GSH is found in your liver, your major detoxifying organ. The liver has been found to perform more than 500 vital functions from making bile to processing nutrients from food. However, the most known vital function of your liver is detoxification. Studies have found that GSH has multiple functions in detoxification and its depletion has been associated with an increased risk of chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity such as mercury amalgams (dental fillings), as well as environmental toxins such as pollutants, fuel exhaust, cigarette smoke. The increased liver GSH levels seen in healthy and physically fit individuals leave them better equipped to handle toxic threats from such substance as paracetamol. The fact is, when one is overdosed with paracetamol, intravenous infusion of GSH precursors elevate GSH levels immediately to neutralize the poisoning, thus saving lives.

However, GSH levels drop precipitously as we age and we start to experience ageing symptoms and are more susceptible to infections and diseases. Our liver function will inevitably weaken as we age. It is therefore, important to ensure high levels of GSH at all times so as to ensure optimal liver health to perform the more than 500 vital functions.