What is the difference between Immunocal® and Immunocal® Platinum (IP)?

July 29,2021

Immunocal® has been clinically proven to provide the essential bioactive precursors or raw materials similar to human milk for your cells to make Glutathione (GSH). GSH helps to optimize your immune system (lymphocytes) on a sustained basis. It also enhances our detoxification function against pollutants, toxins, poison and cigarette smoke. It slows down the ageing process by reducing “oxidative stress” and helps in muscular performance and recovery (Journal of Applied Physiology 1999 Oct:87(4): 1381-5).

Immunocal® Platinum (IP) consists of the whole pouch of Immunocal® plus 2 added ingredients namely Cytokine Modulating Protein (CMP) and Redox Modulating Formula (RMF).

CMP represents the next generation of whey protein subfractions. Cytokines are proteins used to coordinate the body’s immune response and help manage normal cellular growth. These components play roles in regulating cell signaling, promoting healthy cell differentiation and growth. Most importantly, CMP modulates proper response in cells and tissues.

RMF is a proprietary blend of minerals and electrolytes to support the natural pH balance in the body. This is important as studies have shown that acidosis (body in an acidic state) leads to disease and ageing. RMF helps to decrease the amount of acid formed in the body (important to the kidneys) and slows down calcium loss thus, ensuring stronger bones. It optimizes and maintains muscle function and strength and helps in sugar metabolism.

In short, IP provides triple action for immune health namely Glutathione for defensive immunity, CMP for reparative immunity and RMF for sustained immunity.