Can I take other supplements if I take Immunocal®?

July 26,2021

Definitely. In fact, increased level of GSH from the intake of Immunocal® helps to improve the action of health supplements which usually contain antioxidant vitamins. Immunocal® increases GSH levels (endogenous antioxidant ie. antioxidant produced by our body) and this helps improve the action of exogenous (not produced by the body) antioxidant vitamins. For this reason, mega-doses of antioxidant supplements are not required if you are taking Immunocal® as the raised GSH will optimize the functions of the other antioxidants. Low levels of GSH have been shown to be associated with diseases and illnesses. Immunocal® helps to optimize and maintain our GSH level so that the health supplements we are taking will work more effectively to maintain optimum health.