Madam Chionh

July 29,2021

“On the 29th February 2004, I suddenly felt giddy, nauseous and was struck with a very severe headache. Within minutes, I found one side of my body completely numb and I became unconscious. My family members immediately rushed me down to SGH.

When I regained consciousness, I was diagnosed with stroke. My CT scan report unveiled bleeding in my brain stem. My neurosurgeon at SGH, Dr. Seow informed my family members and myself that the chance of full recovery, being able to walk, talk without slurring and perform normal household chores will not be possible. With these words in mind, I began the darkest journey of my life as a stroke patient and I was at the verge of giving up.

After having admitted to SGH for 15 days, I was transferred to Ang Mo Kio Hospital for physiotherapy. With my body still feeling extremely weak and lethargic, physiotherapy did not help but further demoralized me for not being able to do even the simplest coordination.

My son, seeing me not making much progress approached our trusted family GP, Dr. Thomas, for a second opinion. Dr. Thomas recommended that I continue with physiotherapy, acupuncture treatment at AMK hospital and at the same time take Immunocal® to boost my immunity level.

I was quite skeptical about Immunocal® initially. But after taking it for a few days, I began to feel more energetic and less fatigue when I attended my physiotherapy sessions. My physiotherapist and nurses at AMK hospital were all amazed of my significant improvement in my speech, body balance and coordination.

Today, after suffering from stroke for three months, I am able to walk and talk without slurring. Most importantly, I can perform most of my household chores without much assistance. My complexion has improved tremendously too.

I would highly recommend Immunocal® to any patient who is suffering from stroke. It has not only given me strength, but also confidence to return to my usual self!!”

Madam Chionh
June 2004, Singapore