July 29,2021

“To date, all my friends who have been taking Immunocal® from day one are religiously sticking to this product. During the time when this product was not available, some friends brought in personally from US. Some of the friends have recommended to their wives.

Most recent addition to the Immunocal® family is Jack Ng. He avoided taking this product in favor of lingzhi. This friend of ours Lee Kok Wah had Hepatitis B. He had an operation a few years ago. When Immunocal® was introduced into this market, we urged him to try the product in order to boost his immune system. He is now in good shape with a good colour. Noting this change, Jack Ng decided to try Immunocal® for his wife and for himself a few weeks ago. His wife had a tumor removed from the brain and was very weak after surgery. Upon recommendation from my friends he decided to believe in the testimonies of his friends ie. to build up the immune system.

The other is my brother-in-law. He was cured from a rare cancer of the blood. And the hospital (General Hospital) recommended Immunocal® to build up his immune system. He was stubborn in not taking this product earlier. Until something drastic happens.

Keep up the good work.”

March 2007, Singapore