Ms Sea Sick Band

July 29,2021

“My mother has got problem with her knees for the past two years. They seem to be painful and weak and many times it would just “collapse” and she’d fall whenever it happened. For fear of not knowing when her knees would give way as it may happen while crossing a busy road. She chose to be house bound, sad case for an active old lady as it would spell depression and it did.

5 months ago an attack changed everything. She had an acute gout arthritis attack that made her near hysterical. She called her bible teacher to pray for her, it turned out that her teacher has a son who is a medical doctor. On hearing the news both of them rushed down to help her. The doctor (her friend’s son) put her on Immunocal®. From then on, the rest is history! She started improving IMMEDIATELY without any other medication! Swelling and pain were gone! It’s like a miracle that took place.

Whenever I visited her she would sing praises of Immunocal® and how it saved her from the unbearable pain. Taking it lightly as I found it puzzling how milk protein isolates could help gout arthritis. I know very well that only anti-oxidant could help but not protein as my thinking is that she should be cutting back on her protein since she is suffering from gout. Little did I know of Immunocal® then. With that I dismiss the whole event.

Recently, more than 2 months ago, I came across in the papers that there was a free health talk on how to prevent autoimmune diseases. I planed to attend but it was not the top priority on my listing. Strangely, on that particular day I have a strong urge to visit my mother. It was very late at night by the time I reached her place. As usual to “entertain” me she would talk about her health and how Immunocal® has helped her. To humor her and also out of curiosity I took a look at the box, low and behold I noted that it was the same company that was holding the health talk the next day, U-Need Health Products Pte. Ltd. I knew that the Lord is prompting and leading me to some thing that is wonderful. When the Lord leads I will follow! Personally, I have been blessed tremendously from taking Immunocal® and my whole family is taking it as well.”

Ms Sea Sick Band