John Khoo

July 29,2021

“Dear Frank,
Ever since I was introduced to Immunocal® some 6-7 years back, I can hardly recall the last time I was down with a flu, thanks to the power of the 3-in one property which the product in-corporates viz-a-viz immunity, anti-oxidant and de-toxifying property. Prior to this, I must admit that my resistance has been rather poor, catching the flu bug 4-5 times a year.

Being an active sports person my whole life, I work out at the gym at least 3 times a week and play my daily dosage of tennis which has now become my lifestyle. To make this possible and to make sure that my performance is enhanced and more importantly that my rate of recovery and injury is minimized, I took an additional pouch of Immunocal® whenever I know I am going for some serious weight training or a hard game of competitive tennis which involves some $$$.

During the SARS period some 2 years back, I introduced Immunocal® to my 2 kiasu neighbours and they have since been sworn on the product and whenever we meet each other in the elevator lift, our password is “Hi Immunocal®” and they will address me embarrassingly as “Dr. Khoo”.

My mother-in-law, in her mid-80s and a diabetic frequently complained of feeling weak and fatigue but ever since she was introduced to Immunocal® some 3 years back, her energy level and mood has improved markedly. Even her appetite is so incredible that we have to monitor her food to make sure she does not eat excessively. Thanks to Immunocal® for making her golden years a more pleasant and tolerable journey.

Last but not least, I would like to narrate this Ripley believe-it-or-not tale that some 4 Lunar New Year back, I happen by chance to pour a good portion of the fluidize Immunocal® on my dying kumquat plant and the following day, to my horror there was an excessively foul smell all around the plant but to my amazement it appeared that the plant was brought back to life with 3-4 kumquats in it’s firm orange color. This I cannot explain but it looks like Immunocal® has done it again, not only on humans but to plants as well.

Thanks Frank once again for having introduced me, my friends, neighbours and even my dying kumquat to Immunocal®.”

John Khoo
March 2007, Singapore