July 29,2021

“Three weeks ago, a close friend introduced me to Immunocal®. Initially, I was very skeptical about supplements especially after the much publicized articles about supplements in the market that not only produce harmful side effects to the body, also could possibly endanger one’s life. My close friend suggested that I seek my family doctor’s opinion since I am doubtful.

Dr. Seah, my family doctor, explained to me how our body produces Glutathione (GSH) inside each cell to fight off infections and other toxins elements. Immunocal®, which contains similar ingredients found in mother’s breast milk, gives the raw material for our own cells to make Glutathione (GSH) as GSH has to be made by our own cells and not so useful if we take it orally.

After hearing this, I began taking Immunocal®, two packets a day on an empty stomach. Within the next few days, I see that my skin is much smoother and feel more energetic. I was able to accomplish more both at work and home.

By the tenth day, my complexion was completely cleared up. My working colleagues were amazed by my flawless countenance and thought that I had signed with some beauty parlor. When I shared with them about Immunocal® and how it can truly benefit them, they were completely taken aback.

To date, our daily morning routine in the office begins with Immunocal®. It never fail to make us look so fresh and feeling so great even at the end of the day.”

July 2004, Singapore