Who cannot take Immunocal®?

July 26,2021

Individuals who had undergone organ transplant and those who are allergic to specific milk protein found in Immunocal® or mother’s milk (very rare) cannot take Immunocal®. Those who had undergone organ transplantation should not take Immunocal® because their immune system need to be suppressed in order to prevent organ rejection.

Please take note that implants are NOT transplant and lactose intolerance is NOT a milk allergy. Immunocal® contains less than 1% lactose and so even severe cases of lactose intolerance can take Immunocal® without problem. In short, new born infants who are not fed with mother’s milk right up to the old and aged can take Immunocal® to maintain optimal health. Remember Immunocal® contains proteins which are similar to human milk so taking Immunocal® is as safe as taking mother’s milk.