What is Glutathione (GSH) and how important is it to our health?

July 26,2021

GSH is present in every cell in our body and has to be manufactured within the body cells. Clinical studies show that GSH level is high in the young and healthy and low in the old and sick (The Lancet Vol. 351 (9103) pp 645-646).  As a result of normal cell metabolism, damaging by-products known as ‘free radicals’ are released. The body is equipped with a variety of protective mechanisms to neutralize these dangerous substances. GSH is our body’s master antioxidant which neutralize free radicals directly and reduce risks of cell damage by free radicals which can lead to diseases and illnesses. Other lesser antioxidants not produced by our body such as vitamins C & E depend on GSH for their functions to achieve optimal antioxidation activity. That is why GSH is also known to be the centre of cellular antioxidation.

GSH stimulates our immune response by increasing the production of our defense cells, lymphocytes. In fact, low GSH levels are commonly found among the elderly and those who are sick.

The highest level of GSH can be found in our liver, our major detoxifying organ. This is important in ensuring that our body is capable of removing toxic wastes due to exposure to pollutants and radiation. GSH works within the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys and skin in the process of removing toxic and eliminating cellular metabolic wastes. Although the importance of GSH has been known for decades, it was not until recently that medical experts found a way to increase intra-cellular GSH naturally and effectively. Immunocal® has immune promoting properties similar to human milk and contains the effective cysteine delivery system that ensures cell GSH level is raised and sustained naturally, safely and effectively.