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    "It all began on 2nd July when my cousin, Robert Phun, brought me to the UNH Paya Lebar office. He convinced me the Immunocal® way and after taking it for about 3 months, I felt like a new 75- year-old man.

    He told me about his wife who suffered from cancer for years and took Immunocal® for about four months and he noticed the change in her outlook. She was most energetic and full of vitality and would walk at a faster pace and would shop or window-shop every afternoon from 2:00 to about 6:00 pm.

    Then it was my sister who is a chronic asthmatic and who was again full of energy and vitality after taking Immunocal® for about a couple of months.

    At the middle of September, my wife, my daughter and her son were down with flu. It seemed at that time flu would take over the family with one exception - me. I was taking Immunocal® (a packet a day) since July and was the only one free from this flu attack. My grandson was down with a bad cough as well, and he took Immunocal® (a packet a day) and within a week, he was cleared of this flu and his nasty cough. So my daughter also took Immunocal® and found that it really worked for she was free from flu a week after. That convinced my wife who suffered from asthma since childhood in taking Immunocal®. To date, she had no asthma attacks.

    I am keeping a record of this venture, though small in size for a research. It would help me convince others and live up to the UNH lectures by Mr. Fung and Evelyn who advised those who attending the sessions that U really need Health because WEALTH is nothing compared with good HEALTH."

    Dr. Low Wing Kee
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    I was introduced to take Immunocal by a friend in 2013 after I told her my daughter got sick very often because she is in childcare. I was given a stack of notes to read on Immunocal & glutathione, and after which, I decided to try it on my Mum because I needed her to be healthy as she was looking after my daughter then for me. After 3 months, my mum told me that she felt very good taking Immunocal. She used to have dry skin and felt tired easily. However after continuously taking Immunocal for 3 months, she felt healthier.

    With her testimonial, I decided to try it on myself and I started around April after my 1st trimester of pregnancy. The reason why I started taking Immunocal during my pregnancy was because I felt it would be very tiring for me to work, look after my daughter and have a baby at the same time. I was hoping Immunocal could help me build up my immunity. And it definitely did. Around June in the same year, my daughter was infected by hand foot & mouth disease. I was six months pregnant then. According to my gynae, it will be very dangerous for my baby if I became infected too. Hence, I took three pouches(normally 2 pouches) of Immunocal EVERY day and indeed, it did help. Both my mum and I were not infected by the disease whereas my husband and brother were infected.

    My baby was born when he was 38 weeks. He was born underweight and was a relatively small baby. My husband and I were very worried about his immune system and growth. Hence, I consulted my gynae if I can continue taking Immunocal while I am breastfeeding. She told me Immunocal is perfect and will help both mother and child. Hence, I continued taking even during my confinement period and all the way throughout the six months journey when I was breastfeeding my baby. My baby grew very well and was growing at above 80 percentile.

    Personally, my husband and I are both very happy with the results of Immunocal because we found our baby boy very much stronger in terms of health versus our daughter. He usually recover from sickness very fast as opposed to my daughter who did not take Immunocal and he is a healthy big baby now.

    Tham W.L,
    Senior Marketing Manager
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    "On the 29th February 2004, I suddenly felt giddy, nauseous and was struck with a very severe headache. Within minutes, I found one side of my body completely numb and I became unconscious. My family members immediately rushed me down to SGH.

    When I regained consciousness, I was diagnosed with stroke. My CT scan report unveiled bleeding in my brain stem. My neurosurgeon at SGH, Dr. Seow informed my family members and myself that the chance of full recovery, being able to walk, talk without slurring and perform normal household chores will not be possible. With these words in mind, I began the darkest journey of my life as a stroke patient and I was at the verge of giving up.

    After having admitted to SGH for 15 days, I was transferred to Ang Mo Kio Hospital for physiotherapy. With my body still feeling extremely weak and lethargic, physiotherapy did not help but further demoralized me for not being able to do even the simplest coordination.

    My son, seeing me not making much progress approached our trusted family GP, Dr. Thomas, for a second opinion. Dr. Thomas recommended that I continue with physiotherapy, acupuncture treatment at AMK hospital and at the same time take Immunocal® to boost my immunity level.

    I was quite skeptical about Immunocal® initially. But after taking it for a few days, I began to feel more energetic and less fatigue when I attended my physiotherapy sessions. My physiotherapist and nurses at AMK hospital were all amazed of my significant improvement in my speech, body balance and coordination.

    Today, after suffering from stroke for three months, I am able to walk and talk without slurring. Most importantly, I can perform most of my household chores without much assistance. My complexion has improved tremendously too.

    I would highly recommend Immunocal® to any patient who is suffering from stroke. It has not only given me strength, but also confidence to return to my usual self!!"

    Madam Chionh
    June 2004, Singapore
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    Fast Recovery from Operation

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    "I would also like to share my own experience with Immunocal®. I came across Immunocal® by accident as I am a great believer of Vitamins and Health products. I used to take a range of Antioxidants, Royal Jelly etc. After taking Immunocal® for the last four years, I have stopped taking most of the other products. I am very active with swimming, tennis and gym work out and have never been hospitalized all my life until about 8 months ago.

    During my annual check up, I was told my prostate was quite enlarged. So, I decided to operate instead of taking medications. I recovered so quickly that my visitors found it hard to believe that I had been operated on.

    I did not do any active sports for a couple of months. I increased my Immunocal® from one pouch to two pouches a day.

    At the age of 60, I am still able to play tennis 3 to 4 times a week, swim about 1500 meters on Sundays, work out in the gym for half an hour after that and to finish the day with two hour of tennis in the evening. Immunocal® has definitely given me unbelievable energy. My colleagues are surprised that I hardly get sick and have not taken a day of sick leave for the last four years. Touch wood.

    The other thing I have noticed is that I have been getting up feeling very HEALTHY like that of an 18 year old. It is really wonderful to be ALIVE.

    Like my father, I am very thankful for the people who make Immunocal® and for the local company that brings Immunocal® into Singapore."

    Y S Foo
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    "Ten years ago, I have a total hysterectomy and was on hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for some time. There was a period of time in my life when I stopped the therapy and that resulted in depression, anxiety attack and among other things. For these reasons I went back to HRT. But recently, there were a lot of warnings in the papers about HRT raising the chances of cancer and because of that I decided to wean myself off it again. To help me tie over the transition period I decided to try some natural remedies instead.

    After 3 months of natural remedies, I started feeling depressed and anxiety attack slowly returned. I would wake up around 4 or 5 am feeling very anxious as if the world is coming to an end. I would feel nervous and suffer irritable bowel syndrome.

    I am so thankful that I have found the raw materials in Immunocal® to raise glutathione level in my brain cells, as it is the only antioxidant that could get rid of the build up free radicals in my brain thus stabilizing the neuron.

    After 2 weeks of taking Immunocal® I could actually feel that the nervous anxious feeling is subsiding and now I am totally free from anxiety attack after taking it for almost 3 months."

    Ms Sea Sick Band
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    "My name is Suzanne George. I am 43 years old and I have been suffering from fatty tissues in my liver and water retention in my body. It started in the year 2001, and since then I have been in and out of hospital. My neighbour saw my condition and introduced me to Immunocal® by offering me 7 packets to try. During that time, I saw the tremendous change in my health. I decide to purchase a box. Since then, I have been taking it regularly and have not seen the doctor ever since. My fatty tissues are gone and my water retention is no longer there. I would recommend this product to any one who suffers from any illness."

    Suzanne George
    April 16th 2003, Singapore
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    "Dear Dr. Gutman, When you came to Tyler, Texas in June of 1998, I was a very sick diabetic. My body had rejected a kidney transplant. My eyes were getting weaker. A large sore on my foot was growing worse every week. It was so bad my doctor told me to prepare to have my foot amputated, for every week he was removing dead flesh. I was determined not to lose any more of my body.

    When I spoke with you, you told me to start immediately on three packs of Immunocal® every day. WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT HAS MADE IN MY LIFE. In less than a week, my energy and strength came back and my customers told me my massages were like they were before I had the transplant. The foot sore stopped dying in less than a month. It is now almost fully healed.

    I almost live on the protein from Immunocal®. It has made all my body function better. My blood work shows that I'm now more normal than before I started dialysis. No iron pills. No EPO hormones. No injections to increase my red blood cells. No blood pressure medication for the past four months. I run my "Touch of Health Wellness Centre" do massage therapy several hours a day, as well as overseeing colon cleansing through colonics.

    Two months ago I was married. Life is great. I know I would not be alive today if I had not been introduced to Immunocal®. For me, it saved my life. Every diabetic should be taking Immunocal®! Thanks for your help."

    Donna Harris-Walls
    Longview, Texas
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    "I have been an asthmatic for approximately 33 years. After using Immunocal® for 10 days, I am almost free of Asthma. Winter time is always my worst time, but since using Immunocal® I am almost free of asthma. I truly feel it will just be a matter of time and I'll be completely free of it. I highly recommend it to anybody who is suffering with asthma."

    Ed Perterson
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    Eczema and Psoriasis

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    "My father is 80 years old and he started to have terrible itch throughout his body late last year. I brought him to GPs and 3 skin specialists and he was diagnosed with a mixture of Eczema and Psoriasis. His skin became thinner and the itch persisted together with scaly peels despite trying all kinds of creams prescribed by the GPs and specialists. It was not until I brought him to a traditional chinese medicine specialist who recommended my father to take Immunocal®.

    We were quite skeptical in the beginning as we have tried so many treatments but failed. However, we went on to try Immunocal® as we have exhausted all ways to help my father's condition. My father started taking 2 sachets of Immunocal®, one in the morning and one in the evening. To our surprise, the itch stopped completely after taking 1 week of Immunocal®. Within 2 weeks, the redness stopped completely and there were no more scabs. After one month, my father's skin 'thickened' and the eczema and psoriasis disappeared. He has completely recovered since. My father has been taking Immunocal® for 6 months now and we realized that Immunocal® also helped control his weight as he is a little overweight. He is feeling better and stronger since he started taking Immunocal®.

    I am so impressed with my father's recovery that I started taking Immunocal® myself!!"

    Tan Thian Soo
    June 2004, Singapore
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    "My mother has got problem with her knees for the past two years. They seem to be painful and weak and many times it would just "collapse" and she'd fall whenever it happened. For fear of not knowing when her knees would give way as it may happen while crossing a busy road. She chose to be house bound, sad case for an active old lady as it would spell depression and it did.

    5 months ago an attack changed everything. She had an acute gout arthritis attack that made her near hysterical. She called her bible teacher to pray for her, it turned out that her teacher has a son who is a medical doctor. On hearing the news both of them rushed down to help her. The doctor (her friend's son) put her on Immunocal®. From then on, the rest is history! She started improving IMMEDIATELY without any other medication! Swelling and pain were gone! It's like a miracle that took place.

    Whenever I visited her she would sing praises of Immunocal® and how it saved her from the unbearable pain. Taking it lightly as I found it puzzling how milk protein isolates could help gout arthritis. I know very well that only anti-oxidant could help but not protein as my thinking is that she should be cutting back on her protein since she is suffering from gout. Little did I know of Immunocal® then. With that I dismiss the whole event.

    Recently, more than 2 months ago, I came across in the papers that there was a free health talk on how to prevent autoimmune diseases. I planed to attend but it was not the top priority on my listing. Strangely, on that particular day I have a strong urge to visit my mother. It was very late at night by the time I reached her place. As usual to "entertain" me she would talk about her health and how Immunocal® has helped her. To humor her and also out of curiosity I took a look at the box, low and behold I noted that it was the same company that was holding the health talk the next day, U-Need Health Products Pte. Ltd. I knew that the Lord is prompting and leading me to some thing that is wonderful. When the Lord leads I will follow! Personally, I have been blessed tremendously from taking Immunocal® and my whole family is taking it as well."

    Ms Sea Sick Band
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    Multiple Sclerosis

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    "I don't know how to start a letter of such importance other than to just get started trying to tell you how much you have changed not only my life but that of my whole family.

    I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 20 years ago. I have relapsing remitting form of MS I have gone for full gambit of symptoms over the years. Everything from numbness to paralysis, blurred vision to blindness and pain. I'm sure you can imagine how many drugs and therapies. I have never experience a Christmas season without my yearly stay in hospital undergoing some form of IV therapy. This is my first year without visiting my local hospital.

    Approximately nine months ago after a month and a half in hospital I was introduced Immunocal® by a good friend, Sandra McCrindle. She sat in my kitchen with another Immunocal® distributor spouting all the praises of Immunocal® to my husband. I wouldn't come out to listen. I had heard it all before. All I wanted to know is when I could take my next Morphine pill. The two dear friends persisted and my husband bought our first box of Immunocal®.

    After much persuasion from my husband, I drank the drink he had mixed for me not expecting anything from it. After two months on the product I had to admit that I was feeling better. Only after our daughter came home from Ottawa and was amazed in the difference she saw she had last seen me in hospital, did I really start to believe it. I was so stubborn even when I was up walking in my walker.

    I am now after ten months on the product not taking anything for pain or any other MS medication. I don't use anything for walking in the house, and only use a cane outside for uneven ground.

    My mother also has had MS for over 30 years. She is also having phenomenal results on Immunocal®. She has been on the product for over three months now and our family could not believe the change in either of us at Christmas. Her speech and overall strength has dramatically improved. She is also free from bladder infections since on Immunocal®. Although she is full time in a wheelchair her overall quality of life has improved. Her transfers are stronger, and she even stood up for the family at Christmas with little assistance.

    My husband, after watching me improve so dramatically wanted to try the product also. He has Wegnergranulomatosis and was going through a difficult time with side effects to chemo drugs like cyclophospamide and other drugs. The Immunocal® has improved his strength and he no longer has the nausea from side effects of the drugs he must continue to take.

    Our family is now a four box a month user. Even our dog Burt couldn't be left out; so he is on X'tralife.

    My children and husband have their wife and mother back because of your research and talent in bringing this wonderful product to everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Our whole family is on Immunocal® and feeling the benefits."

    Kathy Chartwood
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    "I have been suffering from migraine for a very long time. I have to avoid long shampooing when I go to the saloon for a hair cut as even doing so will trigger a migraine attack. Needless to say, very little stress or lack of sleep will bring on the migraine attacks. I have long tried everything I can, even resorting to Chinese medicine but nothing last until I was introduced Immunocal® by my sister-in-law. At first I was very skeptical as I have been promised by so many products but always disappointment. Anyway I tried since it is given to me and I do not want to waste but most importantly, I will try anything that may help relieve my suffering. When I first started to take Immunocal®, I felt an improvement in my energy level and I felt good because I am always feeling tired as being a housewife, I have to take care of the house as well as looking after my 4 children. Plus my husband is always on business trips, I have to run every errand in the family. I also noticed that I have not have any migraine attacks as I used to have it at least once a week. It is already 3 months since I first started taking it and I am totally surprised by how Immunocal® has changed my life. I will continue to take Immunocal® and I have been introducing it to all my friends!"

    Lim G. L.
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    Allergies and Fibromyalgia

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    "I do Body Management Therapy, Touch for Health, Reflexology, and Hydrotherapy. I have had almost 20 years experience in the complimentary health field. For many years I supervised people on diets and supplementation. About 2 months ago, I was introduced to a product called Immunocal® by Dr. Gustavo Bounous. I had severe fibromyalgia for 3 1/2 years. I was not able to use my right arm because of pain. I was unable to work or be active in anyway. With Immunocal® I am now able to work and exercise without pain. My allergies have cleared up and I sleep better. I have been taking one package a day for 6 weeks and am really excited about what it is doing for me. I am now pain-free."

    Chris Rice
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    Muscle Aches and Pains

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    "I am a Senior Citizen and used to suffer from muscle aches and pains. Climbing stairs and taking walks were extremely difficult and painful. After taking Immunocal® for seven months, all my muscle problems disappeared. I have never felt this fit and active in a long time. My recent trips abroad were a breeze! I enjoyed myself tremendously as I took part in all the activities with my family and friends.

    Immunocal® made a big difference in my life! It sure makes life a lot better and enjoyable!"

    Cecilia Loh
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    Bad Dysentery

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    "I was born with the fact that drinking water straight from the tap (not boiled) would make me very sick even with the government's assurance that drinking straight from the tap is safe. I would get very bad dysentery with cramps and intense diarrhea and on very bad occasion it could even resulted in vomiting and fainting.

    Normally I would bring my own drinking water to work. Alas, my fear of running out of my own drinking water has happened. I was debating seriously to drink or not to drink. Finally, out of desperation I drank the tap water.

    By evening, there were a lot of reactions going on in my abdomen judging from the bloatedness and the rumbles. Eventually I only have to answer nature's call of loose bowel twice without any abdominal cramp or vomiting. I believed Immunocal® has spared me from the pain and suffering which I would normally have to go through.

    I remember watching a health program on Discovery Channel when a scientist took a test tube filled with antioxidant, namely vitamins A, C, E and Selenium and poured it into a test tube that is filled with free radicals. Effervescence took place and the residue in just water.

    The bloatedness and rumbling of my abdomen must be the reaction that took place when my body is trying to detoxify the impurities out of my systems. It pays to strengthen our T-cells, as you never know when you need them in case of emergency. High glutathione levels help to guard and defend our system at all time. I really can't afford to skip Immunocal®."

    Ms Sea Sick Band
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    Still Looking Great in My Thirties!

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    "Three weeks ago, a close friend introduced me to Immunocal®. Initially, I was very skeptical about supplements especially after the much publicized articles about supplements in the market that not only produce harmful side effects to the body, also could possibly endanger one's life. My close friend suggested that I seek my family doctor's opinion since I am doubtful.

    Dr. Seah, my family doctor, explained to me how our body produces glutathione (GSH) inside each cell to fight off infections and other toxins elements. Immunocal®, which contains similar ingredients found in mother's breast milk, gives the raw material for our own cells to make Glutathione (GSH) as GSH has to be made by our own cells and not so useful if we take it orally.

    After hearing this, I began taking Immunocal®, two packets a day on an empty stomach. Within the next few days, I see that my skin is much smoother and feel more energetic. I was able t accomplish more both at work and home.

    By the tenth day, my complexion was completely cleared up. My working colleagues were amazed by my flawless countenance and thought that I had signed with some beauty parlor. When I shared with them about Immunocal® and how it can truly benefit them, they were completely taken aback.

    To date, our daily morning routine in the office begins with Immunocal®. It never fail to make us look so fresh and feeling so great even at the end of the day."

    July 2004, Singapore
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    Elite Athletes on Immunocal®

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    "Already 4 months on Immunocal® and I am still beside myself! An athlete who trains 30 hours a week can usually expect (based on the ones I know), to fall ill with the flu or the common cold at least three times during the year. Personally, this amount of illness would and has been a great handicap to my training; cumulatively, I missed weeks of preparation, feeling run down and apathetic. In the last 4 months I have not had a bad week, bad day, or workout! I am like a rechargeable battery that takes its "Immunocal®", plugs itself in for the evening and wakes up fresh as a daisy. I'm not saying that Immunocal® is some wonder elixir, but rather a supplement that contains an extremely potent antioxidant that we as humans have depleted in our bodies with the exposure to pollutants and harmful elements. Combined with my diet and my healthy lifestyle, Immunocal® has taken me to a state of near perfect immunity. I recently raced in the 13th annual Moorea International Triathlon (Tahiti).

    I am extremely delighted to inform you that I won the race over Frank Clarke of Canada and Wes Hobson of U.S. I extended a 23-second lead from the swim, to 4 minutes on the bike then jogged to an easy victory. It was extremely hot and humid but I rally very strongly throughout."

    Andrew MacMartin
    April 14th, 1997