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Fung & Goh Pharmaceutical Products Pte Ltd (F&G) is a subsidiary of United Italian Trading Corporation (Pte) Ltd (UITC).

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While we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to have your questions answered by our expert.

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  • 1 Immunocal® More
  • 2 Immunocal® Platinum More
  • 3 Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Resveratrol More
  • 4 Omical™ - Organic Milk Calcium More
  • 5 PNT 200 - Nature's Tranquil Peptide More
  • 6 Magistral™ - For Prostate Health More
  • 7 Skin Perfecting Cream More
  • 8 Immunotec® Toothpaste More
  • 9 Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate More
  • 10 XtraSharp® - Energy tonic X5 Fruit Flavour More
  • 11 Pomi-T More
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  • Immunocal®

    Immunocal® is a pharmaceutical- grade milk serum protein isolate which has bioactive components similar to human milk protein...

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  • Immunocal® Platinum

    Immunocal® Platinum is the next generation of Immunocal®. It is specially formulated for those who have medical challenges, regularly engage in exercise...

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  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplement with Resveratrol

    For those people who want to maintain their nutritional needs, diet and living healthy!...

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  • Omical™

    Omical™ is an organic calcium from natural milk source...

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  • PNT 200 - Nature's Tranquil Peptide

    We experience stress from many life activities such as work, family, relationship issues, lack of sleep and more...

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  • Magistral™

    The prostate gland in men plays an important role in both urinary function and sexual health. As men get older, their prostate keep growing...

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  • Skin Perfecting Cream

    The skin is the first line of defense and our face to the world. But too often, we do not protect and nourish it as we should...

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  • Immunotec® Toothpaste

    Today, modern science tells us that the health of your teeth and gums may be predictive of many elements of wellness such as bone, heart and digestive health...

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  • Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate

    Many are struggling with insomnia, and many more experience sub-optimal or occasional sleep challenges...

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  • XtraSharp® Energy tonic X5 Fruit Flavour

    Life is demanding, and many of us want or need more energy to perform at our peak. Often we reach for quick-fix sources of energy like soda or coffee...

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  • Pomi-T

    Pomi-T® is rich in plant polyphenols and phytochemicals found naturally within four whole foods

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